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A+ Dog Sled Excursions & Tours  is an Alaskan owned business dedicated to providing authentic Alaskan experiences to visitors. Our mission is to create special experiences for you so when you leave the Last Frontier you have amazing memories of tours full of fun, excitement and laughter. Alaska is full of unique experiences, we are here to see that you can enjoy them. We want you to go home making plans for your next Alaskan journey and with fantastic stories to tell your friends as they plan their trips to our great state.

Experience Alaska

We are committed to helping clients create their own Alaskan experience through customized road tours, opportunities for viewing the Aurora Borealis, special interactions with Alaskan Huskies and their humans, enjoying wildlife, and witnessing the splendor that is Alaska.

About the owner

Lynne LaFever has lived in Interior Alaska since 1997. She came to Alaska to work as a counselor and SPED teacher in the village schools. Since her arrival she has lived and worked in 8 native villages. Her experiences in these villages gave her an appreciation for the natural and cultural diversity that can only be described as “Alaska”.

Lynne continues to learn more about Alaska’s power to capture people’s imaginations as she watches her clients’ reactions to the first glimpses of the Northern Lights, the giddy feelings shown as they play in the snow on the way to the Arctic Circle or experience the enthusiasm of Alaskan huskies on a dog sled ride.

From Our Customers

Incredibly fun and personal experience dog sledding!
“I cannot thank Lynne enough for all her help when I was planning my solo trip to Alaska! She not only helped me with arranging a dog sled tour with her lovely dogs, but also went above and beyond and helped me find transportation and other activities to do. I finally met Lynne and her dogs and was taken on a dog sled tour with Nathan. He was an awesome guide and a lot of fun to sled with! He even let me try mushing the dogs myself, which was one of the highlights of my trip to Alaska! Nathan was great about helping me take photos since I was traveling alone too! After the tour, we went back to the kennels and Nathan showed me how to unstrap all the dogs, take their harnesses of, and give them treats! I spent a good half hour cuddling with the dogs and chatting with Lynne and Nathan even after the tour, and I loved the personal feeling I got from this experience since they are a smaller tour company. Highly recommend visiting them!”


Fairbanks Must Do Adventure
“My partner and I recently visited Fairbanks for several days and found Lynne through a local contact when inquiring about the best place to go dog sledding. She was incredibly nice and helpful from beginning to end. When we arrived her staff took the time to teach us everything we wanted to know about caring for the dogs, they were very knowledgeable about the sport of dogsledding and happy answered all our questions. We got to meet and play with each of the dogs and given the opportunity to help lacing the dogs up to the sled before heading out on our adventure. The actual ride was both beautiful and adventurous. We can’t say enough nice things about Lynne and her team. We will be back for another visit and if you have plans to Fairbanks we highly recommend stopping by her place to go sledding.”

-Chase S

A heart warming Dog sled experience
“We had an amazing experience with these guys. We looked them up on Google.. got there and right from the time we got there we were at ease. Owner and the musher both were experienced.. dogs were well groomed and trained to take us thru the 40 mins adventure.. dog sledding was on our bucket list and I am glad we went with these guys ..
A must try if you visiting Fairbanks in winter months..

Just a word of caution.. the dogs take regular leaks and poops and that can be stinky along the way. But bio breaks are normal right!!!

We had a great time so will you.”


Kowlegable local tour guide
We wanted to go on a dog sled ride in July and Lynne was able to provide us an adventure we are still talking about. She arranged for us to visit Frisky Pups. We were able to go into the dog yard and meet the dogs, my granddaughter helped hook up the dogs to the toe line, then on to a sled ride in July. She stayed with us the whole time, then took us to see the pipeline, and later to the “north pole” where we were able to actually pet Reindeer. She is wonderful and I highly recommend her tour company.

-William B


Fairbanks, AK





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